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About Us

who we are and what we do

Our shop is a full service facility. We can cylinder blend any Nitrox mix, can supply you with pure Oxygen, and bank 32%. We pride ourselves on having the cleanest compressor, gas bank and fill station in the business so you can be assured the gas you're breathing is pure, clean, and the safest possible. Ask us, we can prove it!

Need Gear? We've got you covered! We carry a wide array of brands and stock everything you need to get wet and dive safe. Need something unusual or out of the ordinary? We can get it for you. Best of all, we make certain whatever you purchase is suited to your needs and fits you and your budget.


Broke something? Need annual service? Don't toss it, we can fix it! Sunshine Scuba repairs all types of scuba equipment in house. We can VIP your tanks, tumble them or make them Oxygen clean. If your regulator's breathing differently, bring it in! We have a huge collection of spare parts for almost all makes and models of gear. Give us a call. We'll let you know how we can help and get you back in the water in no time.

Heather Sutter, instructor of Sunshine Scuba, has been diving for thirty seven years. Diving is her passion, and her vast experience, care for the enviornment, and concern for others show in even the simplest conversations. She has been teaching others to dive since 1991. A Full Cave diver in her own right, Heather became a trainer for scuba instructors in 1993. Her love of the underwater world ranges from the beautiful colors on the coral reefs to the silent beauty of cave system formations in the Mexican Riviera. Diving is Heather's life adventure, and teaching others to enjoy it safely is her life's work.

Bob Henn started diving in 1978. A full cave diver since 1994, he started teaching scuba students in 2005. Bob has well over 500 cave dives and is an expert in deep diving, breathing gases other than air, equipment maintenance, and technical diving. He emphasizes safety, diver awareness, conservation, and technical competence.

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We like to regularly schedule dive trips, both locally and abroad, to have a wide selection of sites any type of diver can enjoy!

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We like to provide ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all kinds of divers, new or advanced! We sell products along with servicing and maintaining any you may have or need!

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Our courses cover a variety of skills everywhere from Intro to Diving all the way to Technical/Rebreather diving!

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