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Sunshine Scuba School

Gear Sales-Gear Services-Dive Excursions-Tank Services

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About Us

We specialize in a range of services that any diver may want or need. From selling gear to maintaining it, we do it all! We also offer diving trips, diving certifications, and a variety of tank maintenance services!

Our Courses

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Enriched Air Nitrox

A course for those who'd like to learn to work with oxygen enriched breathing air.

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Open Water Diver

First level of training a diver completes.

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Advanced Open Water

For those who want to advance their techniques and experiences!


“Absolutely amazing experience! They are honest and fair with tons of experience behind them in diving. It was an absolute pleasure to train with these guys, I'll be coming back here soon to advance my certification levels for sure... Who you train with is a big decision. You need someone with lots of experience that will keep you safe while you're under and learning, and with this shop, you've found just that. So, if you want to do it right, do it here."

Clifford Harvey

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